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Something for Everyone: Online Museum Exhibitions
by Kathleen Lang

Thanks to the Internet, most potential museum visitors don't have to travel to every museum in the country to see the vast assortment of exhibitions available. Now, in the comfort of your own home (possibly in your pajamas with a cup of coffee) you can browse through a growing number of museums web sites that have modified some of their exhibitions for online viewing.

Some of the museums present only portions of their exhibitions and others are truly web projects that are far more experimental in nature. The best thing to do is to read the summaries below and then visit a few of the sites that interest you.

The National Museum of American Art

As part of the Smithsonian Institution, this museum has a lot of material to showcase. Of the 16 virtual shows to visit, you can choose between an Edward Hopper scrapbook to American photography, posters, prints, and sculptures. This is a well- organized and easy to use site. You'll find the Online Exhibitions located within the Collections and Exhibitions link.

National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art has several virtual exhibitions from past exhibitions that include Van Gogh, Alexander Calder and sculpture from ancient Cambodia. Each one is extremely informative, entertaining, and has audio and video clips available.

Anatomy of an Exhibition, Art Nouveau, 1890-1914

This recent and very popular exhibition at the NGA is one of the most complete presentations on the Art Nouveau movement ever organized.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The exhibitions included here are a great way to share current and past museum shows with everyone. These exhibitions are all very different but highly interesting, too. There is a truly eclectic mix of art to choose from here.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

You have a choice of three exhibitions to view.

Restoring a Masterwork explains all the complex conservation steps taken to restore a 300 year-old painting. This scientific area is vitally important to preserve older paintings for others to enjoy in the years to come.

Modernism highlights the art of design from the Arts and Crafts movement to Art Deco.

Most intriguing is The Foot in the Door 2000 exhibition that invited 1700 Minneapolis artists to participate provided they use only one cubic foot of gallery space! I'm sorry I missed this one.



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