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Museums and Galleries

WWW Virtual Library Museums

You'll find that this site has it all, including links to museums worldwide. From the massive State Hermitage Museum in Russia, to the humbler, but no less necessary, Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in India!

Gallery Guide

This web site can be used to explore galleries worldwide, by country and region. This is a useful resource if you're planning a vacation and want to preview the local art scene.

J. Paul Getty Museum at The Getty Center, Los Angeles

This web site demonstrates the future of how museums and their surrounding communities can come together to create an exciting learning environment. Unlike most museums, the Getty never lacks funding. As a result, the J. Paul Getty Museum and its web site are a great example of vision and taste.

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

The unique feature of this web site is the vast amount of art available for viewing. Most museums have only a small portion of their collections online--this site has higher aspirations. At present, 50% of its collection is available to the public, and its goal is to get 100% available in the future!

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Reference Tools


An extremely comprehensive site that has compiled an index of every artist represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources. Artcyclopedia now has 1200 arts sites, and offers more than 32,000 links to an estimated 100,000 works by 7,500 renowned artists. You can perform searches by artist name, title, of a work of art, art museum, movement, medium, and more!


This web site is described as a "visual arts dictionary." It includes 3,100 definitions for art terminology. It also contains illustrations, pronunciations and quotes. We believe this is one of the best sites of its kind on the Internet.

Art History Resources on the Web

You could get lost on this site for days! A top art history education site with links to all art movements as well as research resources. Students will find this site particularly useful.

Online General Arts Degrees & Resources

This site is hosted by who provide educational resources and subject guides for a variety of academic fields of study. Included are links for research, museums, and online art news.
Disclaimer: The primary focus of is to provide information about online art degrees (located at the end of the link) and not endorsed by Art a GoGo.

Giorgio Vasari's 'The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects'

Giorgio Vasari (1511-74) is credited with writing the first contemporary biographies of some of the most important artists of the Italian Renaissance including Brunelleschi, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. In addition to providing quoted excerpts from the text, the site also offers examples of each artist's work.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Timeline of Art History

This is probably the best researched art site available on the Internet today. The Met describes their site as: "The Timeline of Art History is a chronological, geographical, and thematic exploration of the history of art from around the world, as illustrated especially by the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection. The Museum's curatorial, conservation, and education staff—perhaps the largest single core of art experts anywhere in the world—research and write the Timeline, which is an invaluable reference and research tool for students, educators, scholars, and anyone interested in the study of art history and related subjects. First launched in 2000, the Timeline now extends from prehistory to 1600 A.D., and will continue to expand in scope and depth. The Timeline will span art history up to the present day by the fall of 2004."

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GoGo Fun Stuff

Museum of Bad Art

A fun web site after you have spent a lot of time looking at the "good stuff." MOBA has stated its purpose as "the collection, exhibition, and celebration of bad art in all its forms and in all its glory."

Art Historians' Guide to the Movies

Want to know what know-it-all art historians have to say about the use of art and architecture in the movies? Then check out this web site. A good example is Jonathan Ross' comments about the Picasso that Kate Winslet brought onboard the Titanic. Hint: If that painting sunk, then what's hanging in the MoMA?

Museum of Online Museums

On this site you will find links to traditional museums and exhibitions but you will also have fun exploring some eclectic sites such as Manhole Covers of the World, The Grocery List Collection, or The Museum of Useful Things.


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