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Ground Control to Bowie Art
by Kathleen Lang

It seems that no matter how rich and famous a celebrity becomes, one thing is certain. Actors want to be musicians, musicians want to be actors, and everyone wants to be an artist. A simple search on one Internet search engine revealed 31 celebrity artist web sites. Additional research uncovered even more.

Rock musicians seem to have a particular affinity for marketing their art on the Internet.

Perhaps the most prolific musician/artist is David Bowie. He may not have had a hit record in awhile, but he certainly has no problem looking toward the future. When you visit David, you may be surprised at the diversity of his business empire.

In addition to his art web site, he has launched his own ISP called BowieNet and a new online banking facility, BowieBanc. There is no doubt that Mr. Bowie has a complete understanding of the power of the Internet as a tool to market himself and his art.

His web site gallery, BowieArt, is filled with works from different mediums and price ranges. Bowie provides sculptures, prints, paintings, and works on paper for sale. The sculpture is aluminum and has strong African influences. Most examples were priced around $250. Bowie modifies his acrylic paintings by computer. He has quite an extensive series of paintings that he describes as "Dheads," variations of self-portraits that are in the $2,000 - $3,000 range.

For the most part his work, whether darkly somber or brightly colored, is quite expressive. Bowie seems to be sincerely committed to his art and as a result he has found another outlet for his avant-garde interests.

So check out BowieArt and see for yourself if the former Ziggy Stardust is truly an artist or if he should rejoin those spiders from Mars!

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