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The idea for this web site was conceived like all great ventures--on a cocktail napkin. After some serious scientific market research (consisting of lively discussions with friends and family) we came to the conclusion that people enjoy art, but most information about art is not designed for human consumption. Our vision then, was to create a web site about art that is informative, entertaining, and accessible.

While we were developing our concept, we were also struggling with what to call this "new art thing." The Internet may be in its infancy, but the domain name "land grab" has already taken place. After coming up with literally hundreds of names, we found that more domain names than you could ever imagine were already taken. Who are these people, and what are they doing with all these web sites? ( has been registered, but is not in use…yet).

Among the hundreds of names, one jumped out….Art a GoGo! The word a gogo may conjure up visions of women wearing knee high boots dancing in cages at a disco. Actually, a gogo is a French term that means "as much as you like; to your heart's content; galore." This name seemed to capture our approach to art. Art exists to be experienced and enjoyed by everyone, to what extent should only be limited by you.

We invite you to join us on our journey through the world of art. We hope you enjoy our perspective. Buckle your seat belts!

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